Non Structural Ply

Plywood City stock a range of Non-Structural grade plywood, which can be used for various applications that do not require the structural characteristics required by the New Zealand Building code.

Applications can include: Temporary hoarding, packaging, landscape fencing, temporary weather proofing, outdoor furniture, sheds & garage wall linings.


CCA H3.2 (Copper Chrome Arsenic) – Structural plywood is generally impregnated to H3.2 hazard class with CCA treatment to
AS/NZS 1604.3:2002. H3.2 hazard class is described as: “outside, above ground, subject to periodic, moderate wetting and leaching”.
Green in appearance. (C and D Grades). CCA waterborne preservative is used for structural plywood. It has a green colour, and is dried following treatment so that the sheets may return to the correct dimensions and are at a moisture content suited to use in building.