Ply Hire

HirePly is a unique products & service to plywood city that offers you the option of hiring your plywood instead of the burden of purchasing it! HirePly is perfect for those temporary jobs to help reduce waste and also the cost of the project. Hireply is perfect for flooring for marquees and events, temporary partitioning, floor protection and so much more.


OSP H3.1 (Light Organic Solvent-borne Preservatives) – Contain combinations of fungicides and insecticides for timbers used in internal and external situations. All of these preservative components are incorporated in a solvent carrier such as white spirit. Clear treatment designed for appearance grade plywood. (A, B and S Grades)

CCA H3.2 (Copper Chrome Arsenic) – Structural plywood is generally impregnated to H3.2 hazard class with CCA treatment to AS/NZS1604.3:2002. H3.2 hazard class is described as: “outside, above ground, subject to periodic, moderate wetting and leaching”. Green in appearance. (C and D Grades). CCA waterborne preservative is used for structural plywood. It has a green colour, and is dried following treatment so that the sheets may return to the correct dimensions and are at a moisture content suited to use in building.