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Through our specialist knowledge of plywood and associated products, acquired over 40 years, the business has built a strong and credible reputation, especially in the Construction and Signage industries.  Based in Penrose Auckland, the business today distributes nationwide and exports to the Pacific Rim an extensive range of products including Plywood and Wood Panels (e.g.: MDF etc.), Sign and Light Industrial Panels, and Pre-Mixed Bagged Concrete products.



About Our Stock

Plywood & Wood Panels

Plywood stocks are extensive and one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand. Thicknesses vary from 4mm to 32mm and sheet sizes from 2400x1200mm, 2700x1200mm and 3100x1530mm. 

Inventory includes: marine, construction, engineering, decorative, and architectural grades, ranging from very high face grades to seconds and rejects.   

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) comprises two aluminium outer sheets that sandwich a polyethylene core.  This combination gives excellent structural strength and with its pre-finished painted surface this innovative panel is ideal for many uses.  A range of 4mm thick sheets with pre finished colours is stocked by us including; white, red, black, blue, green, yellow, and silver.  ACP is widely used in the signage, transport, shop fitting, cabinet making, and decorative building segments. Increasingly, it is being used in the construction industry as a wet wall lining and as a clean surface for utility areas.  
MDF and Particle Boards of various sizes and thicknesses are also stocked in our warehouse.


Sign & Light Industrial Panels

Sign Ply, is made of a quality plywood substrate with medium density paper pressed onto one face, providing a ready to prime/paint surface.  The back face is pressed with a higher density resin-impregnated paper to seal it from the weather. 
SignGloss, a value added Sign Ply, Trade Mark Registered, is distributed exclusively through us.  SignGloss is Sign Ply finished with a dual coat urethane high gloss paint system.  Once fully painted under this system, the panel is sealed off from the weather and is then ideal for outdoor signage.  SignGloss has been in the market for many years and signs erected 20 years ago remain standing and unaffected by the weather today.
Corflute/ Plastics/Foams and Acrylics are also distributed by Plywood City to the sign and light industrial manufacturing markets. 

Pre-Mixed Bagged Concrete Products
The pre-mixed concrete range is popular with the DIY and Construction Markets.  Three main lines are made in easy to handle 25kg or 20 kg bags.
Ready To Use concrete (RTU) Quick to use, ideal for small pads, edging, and mowing strips. 
15 Minute concrete (Quick to set) Just add water, ideal for post holes: fences, letter boxes, clothes lines etc. 
Mortar Mix  Ideal for the masonry jobs of bricks, blocks, BBQs, garden walls etc. 

Now stocking: Pyramid RockPanel

Pyramid RockPanel is easy to install, looks great, and is a transformational, natural stone faux panel. RockPanel provides the natural beauty and look of real stone cladding without the cost of a Mason. For more information click here.