Product Catalogue


The material Signply manufactured by IPL West Coast has been known to last in excess of 15 years.

There are various factors involved in producing the end product that may limit its lasting qualities. Firstly the Signply product ex the IPL mill is guaranteed against delamination. If this is found, full Signply sheet replacement (only) is offered at no cost. Secondly, the board is painted, involving a paint supplier and also a paint applicator. Thirdly, is material handling and affixing of the finished product – this in most cases seems to be the area of cause for product failure. The most important consideration to implement is to heed the ingress of moisture around fixings. To help prevent this, ply signs should be fixed with Plyfast screws and covered with matching colour vinyl dots.

Top edges of signs ideally should be capped with a moulding. In no way should plywood have mouldings applied to the bottom edge, nor should the bottom edge of ply be fixed sitting on a ledge or channel etc,
That has no water escapement.

No sign will last for ever and expectations of longevity of signs diminished by the harshness of the elements. North facing signs (attracting most sunlight) are the worst affected. Black colours draw intense heat more so than other colours.

To summarise, signage by virtue of the various situations that they will be affixed, will deliver various life expectancies.

Signply in itself should give three years. The painted product should give 5 years. All interior signage will give 10 years plus.


To further enhance longer life expectancy, signage should be washed down with detergent and then wax polished.