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Sign Ply

Signply is manufactured in New Zealand on the South Island's West Coast.  It is manufactured from plantation grown Pinus Radiata.  It is a high grade exterior plywood, stringently graded throughout each manufacturing stage.

Signply faced one side (F.1.S.), has medium density overlaid faces with high density overlaid backs, providing an impervious weather seal.

Signply faced two sides (F.2.S.), has medium density overlay on two faces.

The medium density overlay face provides a high quality printable surface.

Sheet Size:         2.400 x 1.200
Thickness F.1.S. F.2.S. WGT
5mm *   9
10mm * * 16.7
12mm * * 20
17mm * * 28
25mm *   42
Stress Grade F11
Standard NZS 2269
Adhesive Type "A" Phenolic NZ 1154
Veneers Radiata
Surfaces Faces M.D.O., Backs H.D.O.
Usage Every  Day Signage

Further, more detailed information on the plywood is available on the manufacturers, I.P.L. Westcoast Ltd, Signply specification sheet.

Note:     F.1.S. = Faced 1 Side
              F.2.S. = Faced 2 Sides