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Sign Erecting

Okay, guys, the signs are completed. Let's put them up! What is it? Ply or plastic? They are completely different and have to be handled accordingly.

Plywood is a wood (cellulose) product and is mainly affected by moisture.
  1. Swelling
  2. Decay, due to excessive moisture intake over a period of time.
So, when erecting, allowances for moisture expansion must be allowed for each 2.400mm width can expand up to 4.5mm with moisture.  This over 1.200mm width can be halved = 2mm.  When erecting your sign allow 3mm space between sheets.  Wait a minute!  Lets get something clear right now.  Is it summer?  Conditions are dry, Signgloss is dry, timber framing is dry.  Okay!  Leave 3mm space between 2.400 length sheets.  When conditions become damp, sheets will swell and expand, in this case you can place your joins a little closer (approx 2mm).