Product Catalogue


Description and Purpose of Plyroof

Plywood products as a substrate for roofing for residential, commercial and industrial buildings such as house, hostels, hotels, offices and factories.

Ply is a strong durable panel manufactured from plantation grown Pinus radiata veneers bonded with phenolic (exterior, marine) Type A bond adhesive.

Ply roofing range, DD grade ply structural panels with square edges for general use, and two special products with grooved long edges and a structural plastic tongue (T&G).

Ply Roofing (DD Grade)

  • Unfilled D grade face contains knot holes, left unsanded for extra strength and grip
  • 15mm panel specifically designed for use under shingles and tiles that have a coarser texture.
  • Ply roofing (DD grade) is not recommended under flexible coverings. Use Ply flooring (CD grade) or Ply structural (CD grade).
  • Plastic tongue and grooved long edges, no nogging needed under edge joints.
  • Expansion gap required.

Use Ply Roofing (DD Grade)

  • Where covering will have a course texture or is strong enough to span the holes in the D grade face (e.g. asphaltic roof tiles, torch welded polyester reinforced membranes).When extra grip is needed for installing sloping roofs.

Roofing Types

Many different roofing products are now available for use and installation over a plywood substrate. The choice of plywood grade depends on the type of roofing, and on the level of finish required. Ply roof sheathing provides a safe substrate for roofing crews and can eliminate tile battens or purlins from the framing cost.